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#1 by barfboy
2018-03-18 at 05:35
Could an age field be added to the character description page? It's rarely relevant but can be informative, especially in cases where a character's age is given in supplementary databases like through websites or in game code.

Examples are numerous such as
Kozuka Wakaba
age 38

Kizaki Sae
age 39 from the website

Muto Reika
18 years old from in game text

are both 1 year old from in game text

Satou Kanae
13 years old from in game text

Hisakaki Komomo
17 years old from game data

120 years old from the website

Takeshiba Merumo
10 years old from in game text

and so on and so forth. The only time I could see this becoming a problem is characters who have a birthday
Someya Shiiko
who turns 11 in the second game.

It would also allow for people to input character's ages when companies try to be sneaky about it like Hamham soft's "Assigned Numbers"
Shidou Riina
or Concept's "Favorite Numbers" (they're not fooling anyone and that's the point)
Osanai Sanae

where instead of saying 'her assigned number is ...' in the text field it can simply be input in her age field with a description of why in the edit box justifying the addition.

Likewise many characters have a grade

The only reason I can think of not to include an age or grade field is not offending the sensibilities of some people who maybe would get upset and shouldn't probably be playing eroge.
#2 by yorhel
2018-03-18 at 06:19
The only time I could see this becoming a problem is characters who have a birthday
This is my main objection, actually. A story can easily span multiple years. How do we handle this? Making more instances for a 1 or 2 years older character that is otherwise identical doesn't seem worth the effort and potential for confusion.
We could solve this by turning this into an 'age range' field where you can input the start and end ages, I suppose.

(And we have to make it clear that the age should only come from reliable sources rather than guessing, but that applies to everything already)

EDIT: Not sure about the 'grade' field. actually. I think the traits will suffice: Elementary School Student Middle School Student High School Student University Student.

EDIT: Oh, and time jumps and flashbacks. But those are likely already different instances if it's a significant part of the story and if the time difference is large enough.Last modified on 2018-03-18 at 06:24
#3 by loctar87
2018-03-18 at 06:48
The majority of VNs deliberately don't have this information anyway. An eroge that states the main characters ages (other than that they are all supposedly over 18) is a rarity. "Grade" is going to be blank just as often, because the type of school they are attending is never called "high school" for the same reason their age is left unstated. So even if they are called "1st years" or something, their grade is completely undefined.
#4 by barfboy
2018-03-18 at 07:00
It's perhaps not as useful as height or weight statistics but when a person edits a character description field just to put in their age
Miyama Chiyori

I don't think of it as an arbitrary request. And the 'all characters are over 18' warning label is going extinct. while mainstream titles by mainstream companies are starting to get brave enough testing the waters by outright stating the age of a character
Such as Hatsukoma Ruri
is out and outright stated in the game text to be 8 years old. The old 'don't ask don't tell' policy is cracking. It will eventually become like H manga already is.
#5 by barfboy
2018-10-10 at 04:33
So, if I may bump this thread because I think it's been forgotten.

I'm wondering if we could get an age field made? I don't know how hard that would be but companies keep adding age statistics to games and I think it would be nice to have a field for them on character pages. For example:



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